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  Emgen GmbH, Boron and Diamond Tools, specialises in the development, manufacture, machining and sale of high-performance cutting tools made from polycrystalline diamond (PCD), monocrystalline diamond (MCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) and chemical vapour deposition (CVD).

Depending on the customer's individual requirements, we produce solutions for machining, parting off and wear protection.
We will team up with you to find the solution that meets your needs.
This may involve the development of a customer-specific special-purpose tool or the fitting of your own tool with the optimum cutting edge or tip.

We have been developing and manufacturing tools at our facility in Hilden (near Düsseldorf) since 1978.

Our range of products covers three main product families for PCD, CBN and CVD applications:
  • Tools for chip-removal or parting tasks
  • Special-purpose machines for measuring technology
  • Glide rails and components with wear protection
On the following pages we have included examples of the many tools we have made to demonstrate the shapes and fields of application that are possible.

We will be pleased to advise you on specific PCD/MCD/CBN/CVD tools for your particular requirements.

Please contact us.